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Art Untangled

During the COVID-19 pandemic I've switched to being exclusively an online teacher for the foreseable future. Over the last few years I've been building my online courses and for the first time I'm now ready to offer them. I created Art Untangled to teach one-of-a-kind courses that you can't find anywhere else. These courses get right to the heart of the artistic problems you face. Rather than learn everything at once, I break it down into courses that focus intensely on a single issue like colour mixing, painting techniques or colour relationships etc. I also teach exclusively creative courses. This is about putting in the work over a relatively short period of time so that you can save YEARS of struggle. There’s a lot to learn in painting and drawing but it doesn't need to take you decades if you learn it well from the start with the right teacher.


Online Courses

Brushstrokes and Painting Effects Part 1
The Colour Mixing Detective Part 1
The Colour Mixing Detective Chief Inspector (Advanced Level)



The Colour Mixing Detective

How to stop mixing MUD and solve the mystery of your paints once and for all!



It's time to MASTER Colour Mixing
and transform your paintings!


Are you constantly mixing MUD instead of the colours you want?

Do your colours look unsophisticated because you use paint straight out of the tube?

Are you wasting a ton of paint (and money) because you can never mix the same colour twice?

Ok, let's solve this mystery. Welcome to your first case Sargent! We have an investigation to get to so it's time to put those little gray cells to work. It doesn't matter if your paintings are realistic or abstract, landscapes or portraits every one who paints needs to know how to properly mix their colours. Mixing beautiful sophisticated colours will take your paintings to a whole new level.

No more obvious, boring colours. It's time to take your paintings to the next level by using beautiful sophisticated colours. Learning colour mixing is like doing scales on a piano. It’s not as creative as performing the song but it’s all part of the process of learning and practice.

I want colour mixing to become effortless for you so you don’t have to waste any more time worrying about that stuff. Consider this a chance to finally move forward in your work. Making art is about so much more than mixing colours.

It's time to take yourself seriously as an artist. 

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Brushstrokes & Painting Effects

Learn the techniques you need to actually paint.


How do great artists create such beautiful paintings?


What's the deal with all those brushes in the store? Why are there so many!? What size? Palette knives? Ahhh!

What are all those jars and bottles of mediums? They all look the same! What do they even do?

How do you get the paint to do interesting things? How do you actually paint?

Artists develop their own approach over years of working in the studio. In my six years of post-secondary art eduction I never had a class where anyone showed me how to do painting techniques and effects or how to move or manipulate a brush. It's all stuff I've taught myself to do over 25 years of painting. There's a lot more to it than you might think.

It doesn't matter if your paintings are realistic or abstract, landscapes or portraits, every one who paints needs to know how to properly apply the paint. Understanding painting techniques makes you a better painter.

This course is about developing a huge range of methods so that you can draw on them later whenever you need them. I'm not a believer in "finding a style" and sticking to it. I think a painter needs to have lots of skills, techniques and lots of colour ranges so you can use whatever is necessary to communicate in the clearest way possible. 

It's time to end the confusion and frustration and start playing with paint!

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The Colour Mixing
Detective Chief Inspector

Join the Elite League of Master Colour Mixers



You've done the basics...
Now lets take it all the way...


It's time for a promotion!

One word describes this new course - subtlety.

How do you mix colours so they sit perfectly in the space of a painting rather than looking like they leap off the surface.

How do you make every colour relate with each other?

This is the long teased advanced colour mixing course I’ve been working on for the last year. This is an online only course delivered via email in two parts. It was always going to be online only. The course is entirely comprised of advanced colour charts.

If you do all these charts you’re at my level of colour mixing knowledge.

You’ll get your own spin-off Detective show!

This is a course for the people who really enjoyed doing the Lineup colour mixing charts. Now you want to take it to the next level. It's especially good if you need something meditative and relaxing to take your mind off things right now. I find doing the charts calming in an odd way. This course is very straight forward.

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