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It's Time for a Promotion!


The Colour Mixing
Detective Chief Inspector!

Join the Elite League of Master Colour Mixers

ONLINE Painting Course
Returns in a few months


Photos: Gareth Bate.These are collaged details of the new advanced charts.


You've done the basics...
Now lets take it all the way...


One word describes this new course - subtlety.

How do you mix colours so they sit perfectly in the space of a painting rather than looking like they leap off the surface.

How do you make every colour relate with each other?


Photos: Gareth Bate.


How do you achieve subtlety and nuance in your paintings? How do you make beautiful earthy, deep and neutralized colours?


The Colour Mixing Detective Chief Inspector

This is the long teased advanced colour mixing course I’ve been working on for the last year. This is an online only course delivered via email in two parts. It was always going to be online only. The course is entirely comprised of advanced colour charts.

If you do all these charts you’re at my level of colour mixing knowledge.

You’ll get your own spin-off Detective show!

This is a course for the people who really enjoyed doing the Lineup colour mixing charts. Now you want to take it to the next level. It's especially good if you need something meditative and relaxing to take your mind off things right now. I find doing the charts calming in an odd way. This course is very straight forward.

I have a pdf to refresh you on how to do the charts if you’ve forgotten.

If you do this course your colour mixing will be on the level of the best colour mixing painters ever.


Ok, let's solve this new mystery.

Mixing beautiful sophisticated colours will take your paintings to a whole new level.



Here's How the ONLINE
Course Works

For the last two years I’ve been systematically building my online art school - Art Untangled. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic I'm now teaching exclusively online for the foreseeable future. I don’t anticipate this social distancing and quarantining ending any time soon. But I intend to keep teaching and learning during this time. I hope you will keep learning too. I know that these are stressful and anxiety inducing times for all of us. This coarse is for people who want to stay busy and do a lot of technical painting work right now. I’ll be sending you four charts to do each week. But it’s your call if you want to do them. You don’t have to do them all. Just do what you want to do.


ADVANCED COLOUR CHARTS: You’ll get the next level colour charts. I’ve been working on these for the last year. I break it down into different colour groups. You can complete as many as you can or want to do. You should be prepared to put in at least 4 hours a week for this course. Each week I’ll send you a new group of colour charts. You will have access to them all so you can go at your own pace and you can do them whenever you want. I will send you weekly charts and it's your decision how many of the charts you want to do.

WHO CARES PAINTING: So you’ve completed the charts for the week. Now try applying the leftover colours you’ve mixed to a little “Who Cares Painting”. This often turns into something interesting because you're not trying to make art. Who cares! You're just messing around and playing.


Weekly Colour Themes


Subtle Coloured Darks Colours

Chapter 1: Red Darks with Lights
Chapter 2: Blue Darks with Lights
Chapter 3: Yellow Darks with Lights
Chapter 4: Phthalo Darks with Lights

Subtle Earth Light Colours
Chapter 5: Red Earths with Lights
Chapter 6: Blue Earths with Lights
Chapter 7: Yellow Earths with Lights
Chapter 8: Phthalo Earths with Lights

Complimentary Colours
Chapter 9: Yellows with Purples
Chapter 10: Yellows with Phthalos
Chapter 11: Reds with Greens
Chapter 12: Reds with Phthalos
Chapter 13: Blues with Oranges
Chapter 14: Phthalos with Oranges


LIFE-LONG REFERENCE BOOK: At the end of the course you'll pull all your work together into a beautiful portfolio sleeve book. You'll have a comprehensive manual of all kinds of colour mixes you can refer to for years to come. Now that I have all these charts I reference them constantly for my paintings.




Here are the pdf guides to the materials you need to get.

I understand that sourcing art supplies right now is a challenge. Art supply stores are currently open. But you might feel that you're uncomfortable going to the stores. My experience is that they are following strict protocals for how many people can be in the shop. Could you give the list to someone else to shop for you? You need to get these 24 EXACT paint colours. You choose to work in one medium. Note the “other materials pdf”.

You may need to order some or all of your supplies online. I’ve created a supply list that you can order directly to ensure that you get exactly the right materials. I’ve done as much work for you as a I can. Given the circumstances, you may find that you can get a lot of the colours but you are missing a few of them. Or some are delayed. If this is the case just skip those colours on the charts and do the ones you are able to do. Return to them later. We are all trying to adapt and make it work. Ultimately, you will have the charts, so you can do them when you can are able.



I will set up a private Facebook group where you can post your charts as you finish them. You’ll be able to interact with the other students going through the course. I will pop in from time to time and give feedback about your charts and “who cares paintings” during the run of the course via the facebook group. I know Facebook is unpopular with a lot of people, (myself included). Right now it’s the easiest way to make this happen. You can choose to opt-out of this aspect and just receive the course materials. You could make a fake profile and then just join for this group. But the feedback I'll be giving will take place in that Facebook group. This course is straight forward so it doesn't require a ton of feedback from me. You have experience doing the charts from the previous course. You are just following the instructions in the pdfs. But I will only be doing group feedback via the Facebook group. You could create a fake profile if you don't want to use your own.


Advantages of Online Learning

  • Keep learning during Covid.

  • You don't need to leave your home!

  • Make work on your schedule.

  • Work in private.

  • Clear written and visual instructions.

  • Join from anywhere in the world.

  • Connect with people in different places.


    Art Untangled


    The Colour Mixing
    Detective Chief Inspector

    Join the Elite League of Master Colour Mixers



    Prerequisite: The Colour Mixing Detective

    Registration: OPEN

    Class Location: ONLINE

    Instructor: Gareth Bate

    My Location: Toronto, Canada

    Duration: 14 Weeks

    Dates: Returns in a few months

    Registration Deadline: TBA


    Price and Registration Info at the bottom of this page:

    Please sign up right away rather than waiting so I can send you your materials list:

    Your painting supplies are not included. See the link above under Art Supplies for the required materials.



    The course is delivered online with each new assignment arriving on Monday mornings. There is no live component so the work can be done at any time.

    Pre-Course Free Bonus Assignment: Other Blacks - So you can start as soon you're confirmed if you want!

    Week 1: TBA
    Week 2: TBA
    Week 3: TBA
    Week 4: TBA
    Week 5: TBA
    Week 6: TBA
    Week 7: TBA
    Week 8: TBA
    Week 9: TBA
    Week 10: TBA
    Week 11: TBA
    Week 12: TBA
    Week 13: TBA
    Week 14: TBA



    You can SAVE $25 off your course price if you sign up a friend who hasn't taken my private courses in the past. I take $25 off for each person you sign up. You can sign them up for any of my online courses My Inbox Art Project, The Colour Mixing Detective or Brushstrokes and Painting Effects.



    About Me

    My name is Gareth Bate and I’m a full time artist, curator and art teacher living in Toronto. I work in painting, installation and photography. I have an email newsletter called "Art Untangled" where I regularly talk about art. You can subscribe here. I've been asked if everything I do revolves around art and the answer is pretty much yes!

    I've travelled extensively and visited all the major museums in London, Paris, New York, Washington DC, Boston, Montreal and Cape Town. I'm Festival Curator of the World of Threads Festival an international festival of contemporary fibre and textile art in Oakville. I graduated with a BFA from OCAD University and a diploma from Central Tech's adult art program. I've been teaching since 2008. I’ve been featured on CBC News and Radio Canada and in the Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, Now Magazine and La Presse among others.

    Here are the ONLINE courses I teach:
    The Colour Mixing Detective
    The Colour Mixing Detective Chief Inspector (Advanced)
    Brushstrokes and Painting Effects
    My Inbox Art Project: Home Edition


    So it’s time to make a decision.

    Want to master colour mixing?



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    COST: $450




    You can SAVE $25 off your course price if you sign up a friend who hasn't taken my courses in the past.



    How to Pay

    When you book I'll send you an invoice. You can then send me an online e-transfer, cheques in Canada or PayPal for internationals. Payment is required to be sent within two days of receiving the invoice. There is tax for Canadians. As soon as I've received payment I will start to send you course materials.


    Refunds Policy

    I'm 100% confident in the value of this course. I therefore don't offer refunds once the course has started. This is a small class. When you sign up you're taking a spot, so it's important to commit to taking the class. I offer a lot of information on this page to help you make a decision. If you're unsure, send me an email and we can talk about it.


    Here's how to register...

    Send me an email:

    Subject Line: Registration for The Colour Mixing Detective Chief Inspector ONLINE

    What to include:

    Full Name 

    Your Pronouns 

    Your Email

    Your Cell Phone (so I can communicate with you if necessary)

    Full Address:

    What medium do you plan to work in? 

    Do you plan to get your art supplies from stores, online or a mix of both?

    Payment Policy: Payment is required on registration within 2 days of recieving your invoice.

    Payment Method: Online: e-transfer or cheque for Canadians.


    What happens next?

    After you register I’ll confirm in an email and then send you an invoice. After payment is received I’ll send full course info and pdfs of the art supply list.


    Still Got Questions?

    Send me an email:


    I'm looking forward to it!



    Please share my other courses with anyone you know who might be interested.


    Photos: Gareth Bate