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2010 Review: Yearly Update


Photo: Erin MacKeen.

Summary of 2010

2010 has been a busy year! I transformed my studio at 401 Richmond St. West in Toronto into an exhibition space called Gareth Bate Art Projects which will periodically show solo and group shows. I had two solo exhibititions, Deep Field and Moments and organized the 401 Richmond Artists Open Studio event featuring 20 artists from the building. 

I completed a new photography series called Cumulonimbus which captures the shifting storm clouds over North Lake, PEI. Penance Performance was exhibited at the Royal Conservatory of Music at the Arts For Social & Environmental Justice Symposium. I launched my new art website and my first separate website for my design practice Gareth Bate Design. I remain actively involved with Oakville's World of Threads Festival.


Gareth Bate Art Projects

I've transformed my studio into an exhibition space that will periodically show solo and group exhibitions. This 600 square-foot space is located at 401 Richmond Street West, Toronto. The first exhibitions have been my bodies of work Moments and Deep Field. Thank you to everyone who came out to the shows! View Images

(Postponed) "Fleshed Out" a collaborative dance performance with David Pressault Danse  and Shannon Litzenberger that deals with human/machine/cyborgs.

Coming December 2011:"Studio Detritus: Art Artifacts" I plan to curate a group show of beautiful objects from artist's studios.


Deep Field Exhibition

In December I exhibited my Deep Field series at Gareth Bate Art Projects. I've been struggling with this series of cosmos paintings for two years. It was eventually resolved by cutting the paintings into squares and reworking them. I realized they needed a sense of perspective for the viewer to observe the cosmos. I added a horizon line which made all the difference.

The series is a meditation on our scale in the universe and was inspired by the photograph known as the Hubble Ultra Deep Field which revealed the existance of billions of galaxies.

View Deep Field Series


Moments Exhibition

In May I exhibitied my Moments paintings series at Gareth Bate Art Projects. The paintings depict vast open land beneath ominous stormy skies. These imagined landscapes have an intimate scale, only 8 to 10 inches square, yet they represent an epic space. Grouped together in sequences, they create a sense of shifting time and mood.

View Moments Series


2010 Cumulonimbus: Year 4
Photography Series

I realized this summer that I've been shooting the exact same shot for 6 years during my yearly trip to North Lake Prince Edward Island. This body of work includes the photos from the last two years. I shot them all from the upper window of the house where we stay. They reveal the remarkable shifting weather conditions and storms.

View 2010 Cumulonimbus Series.

View other years of Cumulonimbus


401 Richmond Artists Open Studio

In December I organized this event featuring 20 artists from Toronto's 401 Richmond Street West. Each artist opened up their studio to the public for a Friday night opening and Saturday all day. The event was a great success and saw large crowds visit the building.

More about the event...

Card Design: Gareth Bate Design



Launch of Gareth Bate Design Website

My design practice has expanded dramatically over the last year. I continue to work freelance as a web designer. I specialize in artist portfolios and sites for professionals and creative organizations. I’m always taking on new clients.

Recent Websites

The World of Threads Festival, Howard Podeswa, Sarah Hunter, Hilary Inwood, and Jane Murdoch Adams.

View Gareth Bate Design Website


Group Exhibitions & Publications


52 Films in 52 Weeks

Part of my art practice this year has been to watch 52 critically acclaimed films in 52 weeks. I actually managed 65. I've followed lists such as "Critics Top 100 Films" and "Tiff's Essential 100 films". I figured I can't go wrong with the Criterian Collection! I often watch films while building websites to stay sane.

Favourite Films of 2010
Nights of Cabiria, The 400 Blows, Through a Glass Darkly, Rashamon, Tokyo Story, Bicyles Theives, Grey Gardens, I Vitaloni, BBC's Little Dorrit, A Streetcar Named Desire, Central Station,
12 Angry Men, The Children's Hour, The Passion of Joan of Arc & Sketches of Frank Gehry.

Picture: Nights of Cabiria, Federico Fellini.

World of Threads Festival

I'm actively involved with Oakville's festival of contemporary fibre art. I designed their new website and every week I publish a new "Weekly Fibre Artist Interview" with a local, national or international fibre artist. We are working towards the next festival in 2012.

View World of Threads Festival Website


Teaching Painting

I continue to teach my course at Central Tech’s adult night school called "Paint The City". It is a lot of fun and I have a great core group of repeating students. I ask students to do on-sight photography and drawing which they bring to class every week.

The next session starts Thursday March 24, 2011.
Register for the course.

Painting: ROM Deconstrucation, Gareth Bate, 06

Upcoming in 2011

Commerical Gallery: For the first time I will be persuing  commerical gallery representation.

"Many Worlds": I'm planning a new body of work about the idea of multiple/parallel universes. (Work became "Floating World")

"Fleshed Out": (Postponed) I will be working on my second collaboraton with David Pressault Dance a Montreal contemporary dance company, and performer Shannon Litzenberger. This production will be in Toronto. It deals with themes of human/machine/cyborg. We are hoping to present for the first time unofficially during Nuit Blanche at 401 Richmond in Gareth Bate Art Projects

"Studio Detritus: Art Artifacts": (Postponed) I will be curating a group show at Gareth Bate Art Projects of beautiful objects from artists studios.

52 Films in 52 Weeks: Part 2: I've already began the next round! I'm continuing to work my way through "great film" lists with a particular focus on documentaries.


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