Gareth Bate

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Artist Statement
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Cumulonimbus depicts the remarkable shifting storms and clouds over North Lake, Prince Edward Island. I eventually realized that I was shooting the exact same shot over and over. It grew into a body of work that has now included 7 years. This body of work includes the photos from the last four years. I shot them all from the upper window of the house where we stay for the month of August into September every year.. They reveal the remarkable shifting weather conditions. Sometimes I shoot the scene non-stop all day long. I run up stairs and take the photo. Around dusk I usually shoot the scene every few minutes for about an hour. I'm amazed by how only a few minutes can completly change the sky. My interest in this process is certainly related to Monet's Rouen Cathedral and Haystacks series. It is fascinating the way the sky is never the same. I find this view inspiring on an almost archetypal level.


Location: North Lake, Prince Edward Island.
Date: August 2009 to August 2012.
Status: Prints Available
Exhibitions: Not yet exhibited.